Optical Experiment publications


[1997]   Rapid lateral expansion of optical luminosity in lightning-induced ionospheric flashes referred to as "elves" (GRL)

[1999]   Elves triggered by positive and negative lightning (GRL) 

[1999]   Sprites triggered by negative lightning discharges (GRL) 

[1999]   Widespread confusion between elves and diffuse sprites (Poster at 1999 Fall AGU) 

[2000]   Telescopic imaging of sprites [PDF] (GRL, September 1, 2000)  [Note superior quality of our PDF copy as compared with GRL's online version]

[2000]   Identification of Sprites and Elves with Intensified Video and Broadband Array Photometry [PDF] (JGR Blue, February 2001. JGR's scanned version.) 

[2000]   Fast Photometric Imaging of High Altitude Optical Flashes Above Thunderstorms, a PhD dissertation [PDF: 9 MB; for 2-sided printing] or [PDF: 9 MB; hyper-linked; for viewing, but not printing] or [flawed HTML version for browsing]

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