The Dobsonian Sprites Experiment

Telescopic Imaging of Sprites

Stanford Graduate Student Elizabeth Gerken and the DSE telescope.

The rotatable and tiltable mounting base of the telescope provides easy elevation and azimuth control, placed on top of a wooden base to clear the railings of the terrace. The wide-field-of-view camera is mounted on top of the telescope. Both the wide and narrow fields-of-view are recorded with image intensified CCD video cameraˇ, with simultaneous recording of a broadband VLF crossed-loop antenna signal  and GPS IRIG-B on the audio channels. Additionally a red-filtered Hamamatsu photomultiplier tube is mounted on top of the telescope and its signal is also recorded on an audio channel. The location is the terrace of the Langmuir Laboratory annex, located on the 11,000 ft high South Baldy peak, providing clear views of thunderstorms in Kansas, Colorado, Texas, and the north-west coast of Mexico. 

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