Stanford University Sprites 1998 Campaign

During July-August 1998, the VLF group of the Space, Telecommunications and Radioscience (STAR) Laboratory of Stanford University, in collaboration with Professor Paul Krehbiel and Mark Stanley of the Physics Department of New Mexico Tech is undertaking high-resolution optical and radio measurements of sprites, elves and related upper atmospheric phenomena, using specially designed instruments deployed atop South Baldy Peak's (11,000 ft high) Langmuir Laboratory for Atmospheric Research near Socorro, NM.

Two unique optical instruments are deployed for targeted measurements of features of sprites and elves that are deemed most important in terms of physical understanding of the underlying mechanisms of these phenomena, as well as their effects on the mesosphere and the lower ionosphere overlying active thunderstorms. In addition, very low frequency strip holographic imaging of associated ionospheric disturbances are being conducted using the Holographic Array for Ionospheric Lightning (HAIL), involving a north-south array of ten stations deployed between Cheyenne, Wyoming and Las Vegas, New Mexico.

The two optical instruments currently deployed at Langmuir Labs are:

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