Tuolumne, Winter 1998

In December, 1998, I travelled into the high Sierra with John Craggs, Rosalind, 

and Esther.

We skied and hiked over meagre snow with large packs and two sleds ...

... up sometimes-steep Bloody Canyon and towards Mono Pass.

Because we had so much gear, we had to double carry some food, and it took us three days to get to our destination. 

Nevertheless, we did eventually get over the pass into the high country ...

... where we met the Tioga Road and skied down towards the sunset 

and our camp at Lembert Dome. Yee Hoo Haaa!

For the rest of our stay in the meadows we had nearly flawless weather over the stunning Cathedral range, 

and enjoyed perfect conditions for skiing,


and relaxing.

Eventually it was time to leave. We rose at 1 a.m. and arrived at Tioga Pass for morning alpenglow. 

Struggling down the steep eastern Tioga Road, we were saved from severe winds by a vehicle from the Pass resort.  We hitched and bushwhacked to our car, and headed home.  Truly, a holiday in heaven...