Salathé Wall

(All images copyright by me and Bryan Palmintier)

In late June 2001 I headed to the Valley with my trusty friend,
Bryan Palmintier jugging
Bryan Palmintier.

We had trained for all things "wide"
Before  the Hollow Flake
and even bought and borrowed some wide equipment.
El Capitan
Awaiting us was the Salathé Wall, in 5.9 C2 style.
Bryan Palmintier
Big wall climbing is all about being tidy,

Long ledge
unforgettable camp spots,

exposure on lead,

and while jugging

and while belaying,

and, if you're a haul bag, while being hauled.
El Cap
It's also about finding ways to sleep while belaying (El Cap Spire),

trying to stay awake long enough to eat,

and enjoying beautiful positions, tight teamwork, and
Bryan Palmintier leading the Salathe headwall
improbable perfection in granite (Bryan leading the Salathé headwall, pitch 31).