CPBL's photo album -- digital

Collected here separately from my main photo album are sets which are one or more of the following: larger, digital, more numerous, low quality, incompletely edited or annotated, or taken in significant part by someone other than me.

2021 August: Emerging from C19 trip to BC (incompletely edited; don't look)

2020 August: Paragliding: tasting a 25-year-old dream

2018 May: Reunion with Bryan: Squamish and Howe Sound Crest Trail ++

2018 Feb: A couple of days skiing near the Duffy Lake Road

2017 Aug: Back to the Wind River Range

2015 Dec: Joshua Tree: Colder than Montreal

2015 May: A quick climb in the Enchantments

2015 May: A cutie couple in the mountains

2014 June: Ste Anne à Ste Anne: cyclotourisme sur le Fleuve Saint-Laurent

2014 May: B.C. rendezvous with Erick and Bryan

2012 and 2013, Augusts: Backpacking with Floris and Lis

2013 November: Franconia ridge traverse

2013 March: Lion's Head and the end of Bretton Woods, March 2013

2013 March: Adirodacks day hike/ski March 2013

2013 January: Adirodacks day hike January 2013

2012 December: New Year's 2013 in Gatineau Park

2012 July 13: Two routes on Cannon Cliff with Bryan Palmintier

2011 August 12: Make contact to share photos from 12-08-2011 on the Grand Sentinel

2011 July: "Life on Earth" on Mt Habrich with Rich So.

2007 August/September: Unsorted photos from Edmonton, over the Rockies, Green College, Grand Wall

2007 July/August: Lake Louise visit with cousins, uncle, and aunt

2007 June: Leavenworth, WA

2007 May: Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia in 2 1/4 days by bicycle

2007 March: Garibaldi Neve Traverse in a day

2007 January: glacial slopes of Garibaldi

2006 July: Middle fork of the Salmon river, Idaho, for 10 days

2006 January: Whistler and Wendy Thompson Hut (Zoe, Danny, Robin, Sierra)

2005 July: Scrambling with Robert in the Rockies

2005 June: Mt Matier (dig photos by Joel and Andrew)

2004 July: Erica and Matt's wedding (photos by Erick Matsen)

2004 July: Mt Stuart (N Ridge) and Ingalls Peak (S Ridge) (photos largely by Erick Matsen)

2004 June: Mt Habrich (W Face) and Sky Pilot (Gunsight Gap; down W Ridge) (photos largely by Matt Brown)

2002 Summer: Southern Africa (just a few)

2002: rubbish: Really low quality digital pics of my home range in Vermont.

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