Tantalus Range Romance, 25-26 August 2014
Ossa Mountain, British Columbia

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This summer we got engaged ...
... twice in two days.
From near Squamish, we took the Sigurd Creek trailhead up through some slides,
over the delicious Sigurd creek,
to where the trail ends and the scenic alpine starts.
The bare rock shows rapid glacial retreat.
We climbed through idyllic meadows ...
onto the west ridge of Ossa.
and made camp on a heathery shoulder of the ridge.
This kind of nap makes my month.
The breathtaking sunset was the backdrop for our first big surprise: Aleksandra's marriage proposal, down on one knee. In lieu of a ring, I got a 'biner!
Morning alpenglow roused us from our feathers.
We continued towards the summit and immediately Tantalus came into view.
Increasingly interesting scrambling greeted us above and gave Aleksandra pause (see out-takes)
A full view of Pelion is the summit reward for some exposed scrambling.
Rejoining Aleksandra just below the summit, ...
I made a quick planned change of clothes and surprised Aleksandra by proposing back.
We descended to camp.
On our way down we practiced summer boot skiing,
cold lake swimming,
lateral moraine scree climbing,
and tree-hugging.
Would you like to berry me?
We are not yet sure whether the spider could have made this. @SpiderJoe suspects a Dianthidium bee built the nest originally.
This butterfly's proboscis was endlessly tickly.
What's my name?