Playing and touristing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 2012

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Life after Rio+20.
Playing in the surf at home in Barra da Tijuca.
Emmanuel gets pummeled
WeCanada in action.
Kat tows the line.
Ioana's gymnastics background pays off.
Emmanuel turns around
Not quite a tree. [Photo: AN]
Slacking works the core and face muscles.
Aleksa joining the local yogis.
I tried to drink from a coconut while slacking. [Photo: AN]
Emmanuel shows us how it's done.
Emmanuel taught us this. [Photo: AN]
Aleksa being spat off.
Our home in Barra da Tijuca.
Along the beach, near home. Cycling path, drink stands,
exercise stations,
and big sand sculptures (with internal LED lighting powered by the stationary bicycle).
We made a few visits to Santa Teresa.
Domingos' shop.
This may not look like a modern, clean city (as does most of Rio), but it's actually just the aftermath of a lively morning food market, and within an hour or two the streets will be swept and washed.
Statues on Pasteur ave.
Paying homage to Cristo.
Four arms. [Photo: AN]
The whole thing is lit up by banks of LEDs!
The Moon and Jesus.
Emmanuel is inspiring too.
It's pretty stunning at night, actually, and from far away across town.