sample Partnership Contract for people A and B


This is a declaration of our partnership and is a test model for an alternative (actually a superset) to marriage. Marriage is often an old-fashioned and vague institution and is not implemented with a variety of terms and durations. Marriage can be something attained gradually, and its role in raising children can be addressed by a much more explicit childraising contract adapted from this one. The aim here is to make explicit the goals and expectations of partnership in a way that is concise and readable, but complete enough that adaptation, amendment, and termination can be accomplished by us without the help of lawyers / specialists.


'Partnership' - the relationship some of whose terms this agreement aims to make explicit. 'Term' - the duration of this agreement.

General Issues


This agreement lasts until September 3rd, 19xx. The Term is meant to be kept long enough that renewal is not a matter of course and short enough that a committed focus on making the best of the Term can persist for its duration.


Third-party romantic engagements will be discussed by us in advance.

Material Wealth

Joint-expense events are to be agreed on in advance, or split individually. No non-consumables will be bought as joint property.


We can list each other as emergency contacts; however, next-of-kin decisions will still be passed on to our respective parents.


Amendment and Termination

Amendments, labelled as such and dated, can be appended to any section of this agreement whenever mutually agreed on by us and resigned below. This contract can be ended at any time by mutual agreement.

Specific Issues

Personal Space


Other stuff


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