The renewable energy landscape in Canada: a spatial analysis

Research paper

Barrington-Leigh, C.P. and Ouliaris, M., ``The renewable energy landscape in Canada: a spatial analysis'' (with Mark Ouliaris), Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 75, pages 809-819, August 2017 (online 2016).

Journal version, online: doi:10.1016/j.rser.2016.11.061, from me: PDF.
Full manuscript (PDF)
(An earlier, longer version was released as USAEE Working Paper No. 16-246)
The published paper includes a separate online appendix.
Two new things are in this paper: we look at likely future renewable energy portfolios with enough geographic resolution to split them up by province. We also provide an intuitive breakdown, by province, of what energy (electricity and other) is currently used for. Bringing these together, we find which provinces could be fully renewably powered.

Dec 2016 op-ed in the Globe and Mail

An op-ed on this work was published on 24 December 2016.

Summary charts: province-by-province renewable energy budget

You can download a PDF of all ten one-page province summaries or access them individually, below.

British Columbia (click image for PDF summary)

Alberta (click image for PDF summary)

Saskatchewan (click image for PDF summary)

Manitoba (click image for PDF summary)

Ontario (click image for PDF summary)

Québec (click image for PDF summary)

New Brunswick (click image for PDF summary)

Nova Scotia (click image for PDF summary)

Prince Edward Island (click image for PDF summary)

Newfoundland and Labrador (click image for PDF summary)